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About IBA-JU

Institute of Business Administration, Jahangirnagar University (IBA-JU) is the pioneer institution that started offering the Business Administration degree at the undergraduate level for the first time in Bangladesh. It started as the Department of Business Administration (DBA) of Jahangirnagar University in 1991. The Department has been transformed into an Institute in year 2009. [Read More]


In August 2002, five representatives from the first five batches of the former Department of Business Administration (DBA), Jahangirnagar University took the initiative to communicate, organize and form an alumni body of the ex-students. Subsequently 41 graduates, from first to fifth batches with representatives from the next two batches, has given full responsibilities to the initiators to carry out specific duties up to the JAABS inauguration in a discussion meeting held in National Press Club on 15th October 2002. Till now the organizing committee held more than 40 meetings (including two discussion meetings), collected 87 registered members and take necessary preparations for inauguration.


Having graduated from the DBA, the ex-students felt the need to have an organization of their own to aid the progress of the department, maintain close fellowship among the DBA graduates, and assist the current & former students to oversee their interests. So the journey begins.


It has been a journey of 25 years. In these 25 years, there had been many developments. DBA became a full fledged Business School – Institute of Business Administration, Jahangirnagar University (IBA-JU). JAABS also expanded from 5 batch of graduates to 21 batches of graduates now of BBAs and/or MBAs from the Institute of Business Administration, Jahangirnagar University (IBA-JU). With the vision of “Creating Value through Synergy”, JAABS will pursue to achieve the specific objectives laid in its constitution with a non-profit and non-political way. Aided by active participation of its members, JAABS hopes to bring a multiplier effect through networking the family and creating value in the coming days.

Objectives of JAABS

The Association seeks to accomplish its mission by working to:
–    Enable graduates and former students to maintain affiliation with the Institute to cultivate and foster a close fellowship among the graduates and former students.

–    JAABS is a conduit of brotherhood and fellow-feelings among the IBA-JUians.  In that spirit we also have created a Distress Fund to come to the aide of any member of our IBA-JU Family.

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